Dr.Ch.Sreedhar Garu
  • Prinipal is a well known Educationalist.
  • He was born in 1967 in educated family his ancestors were native of Markapur town.
  • He has completed his schooling in local school.
  • He has completed B.Tech(Mech. Engg.) from KLCE , Nagarjuna University, A.P.-1992.
  • He has completed M.E.(Industrial Engg.) from Andhra University, A.P.-1995.
  • He has awarded Ph.D(Mech.), from Osmania University , Hyderabad,A.P.-2010.
  • He has 20 Years of Teaching Experience.

Principal’s Message

I am really happy to associate myself with A1 GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING&TECHNOLOGY as its principal. The college, though in its infancy, is endowed with excellent infra-structure and state-of-the-art brand equipment .I can ,without fear of contradiction, say it has acquired all the characteristics of a distinguished college that can preen itself about .The Management for its instant responses to the needs of the students and the Faculty and provision for communicative English to ensure employability and talks on personality development to enable students to have a smooth sail in their future careers.

I am quite aware that these alone cannot make an institution illustrious .In some cases ,rigid rules of discipline ,a non-porus administration, a dry dispassionate attitude in matters complex and enforcement of rigid teaching schedule might become necessary in carrying out administrative tasks. At the same time I am also aware that unless they are tempered with a humane approach, they may not yield the desired results. Human values are what really sustain and endear an Institution .Mutual consultation, common consent , concerted action and inclusive administration.

I am proud of our faculty and the administrative staff.They are absorbed into our team after careful sifting through interviews .Their pay is in commensuration with their seniority, proficiency and diligence. University norms are strictly adhered to in selection. Never was there an instance of compromise on essentials.

Students,our prized possessions, always received our highest attention. Continual counseling, remedial sessions, interactive sittings are some of the means we have adopted to achieve harmony on the campus and efficacious instruction in the classroom. A campus newsletter, a magazine, seminars, group discussions, conferencing with visiting scholars and interviews are some of the channels we have designed to direct the upsurge in creativity.

Parents and public are always welcome to visit our college in person and see things for themselves for a dispassionate evaluation. Please also talk to our students who can endorse the truth of our claims. May you join hands with us in the mighty task of shaping this institution into a role model.